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If you need a seller’s agent in La Pine, you've come to the right place. We're the group at Gould Realty and Associates, and we're here to help you. Turn to us if you want to get that home out of your hair and to make a nice profit off it. We're the experts here, and we're more than ready to guide you through to achieve your goals.

As your seller's agent, it'll be our job to take care of every single detail. We make sure there's nothing left over to stress about here. It's what we do! Start by telling us about your home, such as what your favorite features are within the property. We’ll use all of this to your advantage, making your buyers fall in love with your space just like you did all those years ago.

One of the first steps we do for sellers is run reports such as a comparative market analysis. This simple report will compare your property with similar ones in the market that were recently sold. Contributing factors will include the size of the home, age, location, and condition, among many others. We’ll then be a step closer to determining the fair market value of your home.

The La Pine area is a great place to sell. It's beautiful, and people are always trying to come into town. Why don't you use that to your benefit? We know how to bring in buyers and make them feel like they simply must buy your property. Then we'll stick around to negotiate a better price for you, ensuring a great return.

When you're looking for a seller's agent in La Pine, you need to give us a call. We'll be there right away at your complimentary consultation to gather the rest of the information we'll need to fulfill this need for you. Then relax while we make all of it happen. Come to us and know that your goals aren't very far away at all.

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