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If you need property management in 97702, we’re the place to get it. Come to us, Gould Realty and Associates, when you’re looking for someone to help you take care of the daily tasks required when you own an investment property. There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a home like that, and we believe you deserve some help.

We’d love to serve your property management needs. We’ll take care of everything from screening new applicants and collecting rent to dealing with tenant disputes and scheduling maintenance around the clock. You can say goodbye to stress because it's our problem now.

Many people in Bend, Deschutes River Woods, and Tetherow, OR, offer this kind of service, but we want you to know that we're the best. We also make real estate sales and have been helping people relocate for more than 14 years. You should take a look at our website if you want to get an idea of our successful track record, and if you're going to get a taste of the service that we'll give to you.

Let us serve as your property management experts in 97702. We're not afraid of any issue that tenants can bring to the table; we'll be there at a moment's notice to ensure that your place can run smoothly without your having to be there every second of the day. Call us if you're interested in this kind of help. We'll book a complimentary consultation so we can talk over the details with you.

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